LA Academy x Q HOTELS

In partnership with Q Hotel

We’re partnered with 3 of Q Hotels top hotels in Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford & Cambridge.

What We Offer

Our personalised 1-2-1 & 2-2-1 swimming lessons will transform your little ones in to happy & confident swimmers. Using our hands on and play based approach, not only will they learn to swim but also build their character. With our own tailored award scheme, we guarantee our water based teachers will be able to engage your swimmer using visual demonstrations with some manual manipulation to improve technique. Resulting in swimming lesson where children can overcome fears, learn to swim and enjoy the water – all whilst having the best time!

Stratford Upon Avon | Stratford Manor

Stratford Manor is the most welcoming place to learn to swim with a great pool and friendly staff. At 15m in length and a 2m deep end; LA Academy can take your swimmer from their very first star float – all the way to practicing competitive dives & distance swims. Parents will have the opportunity to view lessons, running Monday-Friday in our own exclusive swim lane, but can also relax in the cafe. With a warm, family feel – you won’t regret booking your lessons at Stratford Manor with LA Academy!

Oxford | Oxford Belfry

The Oxford Belfry is a tranquil pool that is perfect for students that need a quiet environment to develop their strokes or improve their confidence. Lessons will run Monday to Friday in our own exclusive swim lane, where you will find all our swimmers having a unique swim experience carefully crafted. The wonderful glass ceiling brightens up every lesson and provides to perfect place to spot a rainbow. Don’t miss out!

Cambridge | The Cambridge Belfry

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