Please take your time to read through our terms and conditions carefully. By signing up to lessons with LA Academy, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. 

Definitions of words used in the Terms and Conditions 

LA Academy, We, Us LA Academy 
You – the customer 
Guardian – a person other than the parent who brings the child to the lesson 
Provisional booking a space which is held for the swimmer without payment 
Catch up class – a class that holds no monetary value, which is being taught at a different time due to the original class being cancelled by the customer 
Make up class – a class that holds monetary value which is being taught at a different time due to the original class being cancelled by LA Academy 

Booking Conditions 

We can provisionally book you into a class and hold the space for the maximum of 24 hours upon receipt of your booking invitation. You must complete the direct debit mandate emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your booking invitation to secure your place. 

You can use our parent portal to look for another time and day. However, we cannot guarantee any specific space(s). Payment must be made on the agreed date each calendar month. Failure to do so will result in your space(s) being taken by a swimmer on our waiting list. 

Payment Conditions 

Your first payment will be taken by direct debit within 5 working days of completing the direct debit mandate. Your first payment will ensure you have enough credit in your account, so you are always paying for lessons in advance. Your first payment may be up to 8 lesson fees. 

In addition to your monthly subscription, LA Academy have an annual membership cost of £20 per year, per swimmer. This will be taken on your sign-up anniversary each year. 

If your payment fails for any reason, this may result in you losing your space or a charge may be added to your bill. 

Further payments are accepted by direct debit only. 

Direct Debit subscriptions pay for 3.5 lessons per monthly transaction (12 months x 3.5 = 42 lessons per annum) and will begin after your upfront payment on the date specified in your booking invitation. Your subscription date will be the 5th each month, unless agreed otherwise, and the first date will be given to you upon sign up. 

A receipt can be requested but is not given out at the time of payment. 

An email will be sent to confirm booking with details of the class enrolled for and class details can always be found on your parent portal. 

Late payments or missed payments may incur a £10.00 charge. Refunds will be given if any payment is taken in error and in accordance with the Direct Debit Guarantee. 

Prices may change with a minimum of 4 weeks notice given and these changes will be communicated by email and text to all customers. 

Direct Debit Payments 

By completing the direct debit mandate, you are allowing LA Academy to take automatic payments for your swimmers lessons until such time you cancel this authorisation. 

The email address you register your direct debit with must also be on record with your LA Academy booking. This is your payment reference and failure to ensure we have the correct email address may mean your payment is delayed or missed being recorded. It may mean we cannot discuss your payments with you until we have the account holders authorisation. 

LA Academy will notify you when signing up to your parent portal the initial payment and reoccurring payment amounts, as well as verbally by phone. This will also detail the agreed payment dates. 

The amount taken from your account will reflect your total lesson cost over 42 weeks (the total number of weeks LA Academy run lessons annually). This cost will be broken down in to 12 equal monthly payments, meaning each monthly fee pays for 3.5 lessons. 

After your initial payment, subscriptions will be made on or just after the 5th of each calendar month. This date will be agreed with you upon signing up. 

Any discounts or credits agreed with LA Academy will be applied to your direct debit payment. These will have no cash value. 

Any late or missed payments may incur a late payment charge of £10 and could result in your swimmer losing their space. 

Lesson Conditions 

All classes are 30 minutes long unless specified otherwise and run for 42 weeks a year. 
We reserve the right to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances, if a lesson is cancelled we will offer a make up class. 

Lessons will be taught by teachers who are trained in how to deliver LA Academy’s approach and teaching scheme. All teachers are DBS checked. 

During the lessons the swimmers parents/ guardian must be within the vicinity for the duration of the lesson. 

All customers must respect and follow the rules of the site you are swimming at. Complaints made about swimmers to us could result in losing your space at LA Academy. 

Whilst we always try to ensure you have the same teacher, LA Academy reserve the right to change your swimmers teacher at anytime to suit operational needs. This includes reasons such as but not limited to: illness, leave, personal reasons or swimmer pairings. This will not affect your lesson day or time without prior agreement with you. 

Changing, Cancelling or Suspending Classes 

You can change your time and day of lesson, subject to availability. This can be done via your parent portal and the class transfer section. 

We can suspend your classes due to exceptional circumstances, however we can only hold the space(s) you are suspending (this must be sent in writing for approval). 

If you miss a class for any reason and did not remove yourself using your parent portal with 24 hours’ notice, including acts beyond your control, you are not entitled to a refund or a catch up class.  

Only swimmers which remove themselves from their class via the parent portal, giving 24 hours notice of a class that is to be missed, will be entitled to a catch up class. A credit will automatically be added to your account when you remove yourself from your lesson. Catch up classes are subject to availability and outside the control of LA Academy, as they are generated by other swimmers not attending their lesson and removing themselves via the parent portal. 

To cancel your swimming lesson with LA Academy, you must put your request in writing with a minimum of 7 working days before your next subscription date. Requests after this date may result you in being charged another monthly fee. 

Once we have received your written request, we will confirm your final lesson date within 7 days. We will total up all lesson fees paid, including any make up classes owed on your account, and deduct the number of swimming weeks during the period you were with LA Academy. 

This will determine your ‘swim out’ or notice period. Your final lesson date will be given to you in writing and is based on when your account balance reaches £0-00. 

Make Up Classes 

If LA Academy have to cancel lessons for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible by as many means as possible in the circumstances. This may be via phone, text and/or email. 

For any classes that are cancelled by LA Academy, through no fault of their own, these will be offered as make up lessons. We will look to offer you additional opportunities to attend a lesson to utilise this make up session during your time with us. If we have been unable to find you a suitable make up lesson prior to ending your journey, this credit will be added to your account when calculating your notice period so you have additional weeks swimming at your normal day/time. 

Early Termination 

If, for any reason, a customer does not wish to see out their notice period with LA Academy – they do have the option to request an early termination of the contract. 

This would mean LA Academy would look to find a new swimmer to take your place and once this has been done, you will be entitled to any remaining credit from the date the new swimmer started being refunded, minus a 20% early termination charge. 

LA Academy cannot guarantee any swimmer that we will be able to fill their space in order for them to terminate their contract early. 

Catch Up Class Policy 

To qualify for a catch up class you must give 24 hours notice and remove yourself from your lesson via the parent portal. Availability for catch up classes is found on your parent portal. This will show all classes at your swimmers age, level and lesson type (eg 1-2-1, 2-2-1, P+C) 

Catch up classes should be booked via the online portal and have a 12-month expiry from the date of the missed class. 

Catch up classes are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Catch up classes are a gesture of good will. Fees cannot be transferred over or refunded if a suitable catch up cannot be found. 

It is the parents responsibility to book catch up sessions. Our office team are available for support and bookings cannot be made directly with teachers. 

If no catch up class can be found then the missed class is lost. LA Academy can only accept a booking for a catch up class if the level and age of your swimmer suitable matches that of the other child in the class. 

If a catch up class is cancelled for any reason by LA Academy, your account will be credited back with a catch up lesson.  

Catch up classes can only be taken whilst swimmers have an active LA Academy account or prior to the catch up class expiry date – whichever comes first. All accounts are deactivated 3 months after your final swim date. 


Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear at all times. Swimmers ‘potty training’ or that are under 2 must wear a swim nappy at all times. 

No Jewellery, make up, hair products to been worn in the pool. Swim hats must be worn at all times. 

Parents must supply the swimmers goggles. 


We reserve the right to remove a swimmer from the lesson if their behaviour is affecting the smooth running of the class. Swimmers of all ages must be accompanied to lessons by their adult carers and handed over to their teacher. At no point should swimmers be left unsupervised. 

All swimmers and parents must follow any site specific rules at the venue at LA Academy teach. This will be communicated to you upon sign up. We ask all parents to wait in the designated waiting room, where possible, during lessons to ensure we know where to find you in the event of any incident. 



If you wish to take video or photography of lessons you must adhere to our strict terms. 

You are only permitted to photograph or video your own child. Without prior agreement, you may not have any other swimmer, teacher, members of the public or customers in the photo or video. LA Academy and parents reserve the right to ask to see any photo or video taken to confirm that our terms have been adhered to if there is any concern and can ask you to delete the media if it does not meet these terms. 

Please remain sensitive to other customers wishes and stop filming if asked to. 

LA Academy forbid any photo or video content to be used to reproduce content of our lessons. 

In all instances, the decision of LA Academy staff is final. 

If any venue has its own photography and/or media policy, this will supersede all LA Academy terms on photography and video. 

Health and Safety 

You must not bring your child swimming if they have any illness that could be spread to other swimmers or teachers. Please do not bring your children to lessons for 48 hours if they have been suffering from sickness or diarrhoea. If you inform in advance about any lesson you cannot attend, you will qualify for a catch up class. 

We recommend changing your baby on the floor on a suitable changing mat. We do not recommend any raised areas such as benches or tables. This is to prevent babies from rolling on to the floor from high surfaces. LA Academy cannot take responsibility for any injuries if customer choose to use the changing tables provided by certain facilities. 

If it the responsibility of the parent to disclose to LA Academy any condition that could impact your child’s capabilities in the pool. 


LA Academy want to provide a fun, safe and happy environment for all their swimmers. We therefore as a company adopt the Swim England policy for safeguarding children – Wavepower. 

For full details on the policy, please see the link below. We encourage all parents, guardians and anyone involved in your children’s swimming journey to take the time to read this document to help us safeguard our swimmers. 

Lost Property 

All property left within any pool building or grounds including but not limited to: car park, entrance, spectators’ area, changing rooms and poolside area, is left at your own risk. Please ensure you have all your belongings with you before you leave. 

Any lost property found will either be kept by LA Academy for up to 3 weeks or given to the swimming venue. If not claimed, these items may be disposed of and LA Academy cannot be held liable. 

Swim Scheme and Progression 

Our swim scheme is designed around children learning to swim in a natural way. There will be no use of swim aids to teach your child to learn to swim. 

Children in semi private lessons will be paired based on their age and ability as closely as possible unless you request otherwise. There may be some difference between swimmers levels and LA Academy will continually monitor this and discuss progress with their teacher. Lessons may be changed subject to availability. 

LA Academy cannot predict the rate at which any child will progress or learn to swim. All children learn at different speeds. 


Data Protection and Privacy 

In order to book lessons with LA Academy, we will require you to register your details and your child(ren) with us. 

This information is for sole us by LA Academy and will not be shared with any third parties unless required to do so for the booking process or where we are legally required. 


We currently hold the following data about you and the swimmer that attends our classes. 

  • Parent/Guardian – name, phone number, email address and post code. 
  • Swimmer – name, date of birth and any medical conditions. 

All data above is stored on our own secure sever and only LA Academy staff have access to this data. 

Use of Data 

We store your data for a service reasons, rather than promotional. The following data is used for: 

  • Phone number – Emergency contact or to contact you with any questions we may have about your swimmer and their lessons with LA Academy. 
  • Email address – We use this for reports to be sent out every two months. We also send out any site information and lesson confirmations to this address. 
  • Postcode – We may ask for your postcode to allow us to work out what sites are best for you to swim at. 
  • Date of Birth – This allows us to match your child with swim partners of a similar age. 
  • Medical Conditions – It is important we have an understanding of any medical conditions your child suffers from to ensure we can take care of them at their lessons and make any adaptions to the lessons that may be necessary. 

We have always welcomed customers contacting us to check what information we hold and change it as they see fit – this will continue and is best done by contacting your site manager. 

From time to time, we may send you some offers and discounts specific to LA Academy services that may have legitimate interest to you. If at anytime you feel these offers are not, please contact our operations manager who can discuss this with you. 

Data Sharing 

We do not share any of your personal information with any other business or company. 


We do not send out other promotions or offers for any other companies or businesses to your phone number or email address unless you have chosen to opt in for marketing. We may send you occasional offers that are services offered by LA Academy. Other offers may be posted on our Facebook page from time to time, if you’re interested – please give us a like! 

Opt In or Opt Out? 

As a customer you are not required to opt in or out of any of our services. However when you leave LA Academy as a customer, we are required to keep your data safe. We will only send you marketing information if you have ticked to opt in. At the end of your journey, you can choose to stay on our mailing list or opt out by asking us to remove you from our database. 

Offers and Discounts 

There will be a selection of offers and discounts for new and existing swimmers but these are subject to availability and will have their own terms and conditions. New swimmers are defined as children that have never had a lesson with LA Academy before.  

Recommend-a-friend credit is an on-going offer from LA Academy. Any existing customer that introduces a new customer to LA Academy classes will see both awarded £10 credit towards future payments. This offer can be used in-conjunction with our third child offer but not other promotions. The offer has no cash value and quoted upon booking. 

Third Child Half Price. Any family that has three siblings enrolled with LA Academy will have their cheapest class rate automatically discounted by 50% each calendar month. 

LA Academy reserves the rights to cancel or withdraw offers as they see fit. LA Academy works with a select group of business partners to bring a selection of great promotional offers, these are valid for new bookings only and the referral must be quoted at the time of booking. 

All offers, discounts and promotions are subject to availability. 

Complaints Procedure 

If, for any reason, you are not happy with any aspect of LA Academy lessons or service. Please email or phone our support team  in the first instance with details. 

If the response from your support team is not satisfactory, please forward a written copy of your complaint to   

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at anytime. This will take effect from the time it is posted on our website. It will be communicated to all swimmers if applicable.